Lexus Rx 270 Luxury SUV Launched in Indonesian 2012 Review

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LEXUS was officially introduced in Indonesia in November 2007. The next 4 years, LEXUS Indonesia strengthen its position in Indonesia in providing the concept of contemporary luxury, with the principle Pursuit of Perfection. Maintaining the L-finesse philosophy that characterizes the design lines LEXUS, LEXUS famous row of the line up will design an elegant, contemporary, and dynamic, combining simplicity and elegance. Sculpture fine but clear line to be the identity, with strong synergies in the exterior appearance and interior

Since November 2007, Lexus has launched six types: GS 300, IS 300, LS 460 L, RX 350 (2007), LX 570 (2008), LS 600hL (2010), as well as a refresher on the look of the RX 350 in 2009.

“At the age of four, LEXUS Indonesia increasingly captured the hearts of its customers, evidenced by the enthusiasm of customers for products LEXUS. This is certainly a motivation for Lexus Indonesia to continue to improve the products and services, “said LEXUS Principal Johnny Darmawan. LEXUS be the primary choice for customers who demand perfection in all things, as offered by Lexus and Lexus ownership experience. This growing enthusiasm shown among others by the increasing sales figures LEXUS each year. LEXUS Indonesia seeks to provide the best fit the needs of its customers. One of them by presenting the RX 270.

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“We see the demand for the RX 270 in Indonesia has increased since the RX 270 was first launched, to meet this demand we present the RX 270 in Indonesia,” added Johnny.

LEXUS RX 270 as well enthusiasm presented to answer the needs of customers would Luxury Crossover SUV vehicles that can cater to the needs of everyday driving on the streets of urban cities. L-Finesse philosophy is applied to the RX 270 luxury design provides an elegant and stylish. 2700 RX 270 cc engine capable of generating power to 185 HP, high yield and stable performance. Luxury Crossover SUV is berpenggerak front, nimble down the winding and congested roads in urban areas. Being in the cabin RX 270, comfort and convenience provided by the full features such as Navigation System, Seat Heater, Cruise Control, Lumbar Support, as well as CDs with LEXUS Premium 12 Speaker, wrapped in the warmth of a luxurious cabin design.

RX 270 comes in eight colors: White Pearl Crystal Shine, Dark Grey Metallic, Silver Metallic, Black, Starlight Black, Red Mica Metallic, Metallic Sleek ecru, and Silvery Blue Metallic.

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