List of Used Cars for Cheating

Modern lifestyle such as this have a negative impact on many people. One common effect is the affair of the couple.

A unique facts emerge from the survey that was launched from the site Torquenews automotive, Thursday, April 12, 2012, which is about a car that is most often used to cheat on your partner.

The survey was taken from a total of 3,600 people in the United States is having an affair. For couples who like cheating, the car may not be limited to transportation alone but has a role in the activities of their affair.

Of the total of 2520 men surveyed, the top of the list of most used cars are not luxury cars or supercars such as Lamborghini, Cadillac, or Rolls-Royce, but Toyota.

With the percentage of 20.9%, the Japanese brand in the Ford that as much as 12.3% and 10.2% Chevrollet with nicks. As for the women who had an affair, they tend to use Honda brand with a percentage of 22.3%. The next choice of car the second and third most frequently used of a survey of 1080 women occupied by Ford (13.4%) and Toyota (10.3%).

The survey also showed that as many as 53% of marriages in Ameriksa States has ended in divorce. The affair became a major cause.

In this case, 57% of men admitted to cheating in any relationship that ever lived. While the percentage of women reached 54%. Usually, they had an affair with co-workers and their average run affair for 2 years.


Toyota (20,9%)            

Ford (12,3%)                

Chevy (10,2%)             

Honda (7,1%)               

BMW (6,4%)                

Dodge (5,8%)               

Nissan (4,8%)              

Jeep (4,8%)                 

GMC (3,2%)                  

Mercedes (2,9%)        


Honda (22,3%)

Ford (13,4%)

Toyota (10,3%)

Chevy (7,3%)

Mercedes (6,6%)

Nissan (5,6%)

Chrysler (4,3%)

Dodge (4,2%)

BMW (3,9%)

Volkswagen (2,8%)

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