Local Move, Intrastate Transportation AND Interstate Transportation


Car shipping companies provide different range of transportation.

Car shipping companies provide various range of transportation. When one is relocated, the cargo or automobiles are required to be transported to various destinations. It is indeed quite a hassle to move to a new place. Lot of planning is required to be done. Cost of shipping, searching a suitable auto transport company and modes of transport are some issues which require careful consideration, intrastate transport and interstate transport. The terminology should be understood as well.

Local Move: A transport where distance travelled is less than 200 kilometers is termed as local move. The risk in this type of transport is far less as compared to other means. The cost of shipping is also very low.

Intrastate transport: When cargo or automobiles are to be transported from one state to another and the distance involved is less than two hundred kilometers it is termed as intrastate transport. The auto transport company should be capable of transporting goods and should be conversant of rules and regulations of concerned states. It should possess a valid license and should be a legal company.

Interstate transport: This type of transportation to various states in the country is termed as interstate transport. The car transport company undertaking such transportation should be a valid company having license to ply to all states. It should have the required expertise to manage such transportation. It should be conversant of all state and excise rules and regulations and should have expert drivers with valid licenses to drive across the states.

The authorized car shipping company should have the required experience, means and a good past track record. It should be capable of providing all means of transport for example open trailer or enclosed trailer mode with facilities for door to door transportation.

The auto transport company should have a cargo marine insurance policy in the agreement in all the three modes of transportation, so as to provide a risk free transportation.


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