Lotus, We Can be The Best for The Team Classification Using Renault Engine in Formula One Competition in 2014

Team Lotus technical director Nick Chester judging team based in Enstone, England, can be the best for the team classification using Renault engine in Formula 1 competition in 2014. “In my opinion, the Lotus can lead teams Renault wear, “said Chester.

“We did not get bad results (while testing in Bahrain last week) compared to the other teams that use Renault engines, and I know the team Red Bull has some problems.” Lotus did not take part in the first test at Jerez last month.

However, Chester satisfied with the results of testing in Bahrain last week. Pastor Maldonado who recently joined this season managed to spur E22 to 59 rounds. With the best record time of 1 minute 38.707 seconds, he is on the order of 13, the result of a combination of a four-day trial.

“What we can do now is focus on yourself,” added Chester. “We have to do our best because even though our best to Renault teams, we still have to try hard to pursue another team. We must think of our own team and move forward. Besides Maldonado, Lotus this season will still be strengthened Sebastian Grosjean.

Maldonado get into the team to replace Lotus Kimi Raikkonen who left late last season. Raikkonen back in uniform Ferrari, the team he left behind at the end of the 2009 season.

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