Luxury Cars and Resale Values

When it comes to ultra-luxury, high-end vehicle leasing, there is no doubt 

that the best deals are those cars that hold their value. With this in 

mind, we single out a few truths about residual values that consistently 

apply to high-end leasing.

The most determining factor when it comes to resale values is public 

perception of the brand, not its reliability ratings in quality surveys. 

Take the Jaguar for example: it is consistently rated as a quality car, but

because of questionable reliability perception among the public, it takes a 

sharp dip in value at the end of its lease-term 

Higher-tech options and other cutting-edge features do not necessarily mean 

the car will fare better.  By the time your car is two years old, better 

and cheaper systems will render the laser-guided cruise control, navigation

systems and built-in cell phone obsolete. Look for functional features, 

such as automatic transmissions, power windows and wheel-drive to enhance 

the vehicle’s value in the used-car market. 

Used-car buyers view less favorably luxury vehicles that come with big 

incentives. These are perceived as questionable in quality and 


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