Making Money From Car Finance with a Future Classic

Some kind of finance arrangement is a fairly common necessity when buying a car, but rather than seeing it as a debt, why not make it an investment? Classic cars are increasingly seen as a sound investment opportunity, according to the Telegraph.

The following cars can all be bought for under £10,000 but are tipped to become the classics of the future. Buy now while they are considered cult favourites and are subject to depreciation. Take care of them well until future demand gives you a rewarding return on your investment.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet

The W124 generation of this elegant convertible can be found for between £6,000-£10,000. With Mercedes’ legendary build quality it should have no problem going the distance but it’s the Cabriolet that draws admiring glances and is most likely to earn money in the future.

Alfa Romeo 156 GTA

Don’t let Alfa’s outdated reputation for unreliability detract from the fact that they build the most beautiful cars. The low profile 156 GTA comes powered by a 3.2 litre V6 Busso engine and while it is a little rougher around the edges than premium German brand efforts, it is amazing fun on the road. They are rare but can be found from £4,000-£10,000.

Renault Clio V6 Sport – the answer to car financing for people with a bad credit rating

The French company has a strong history of even racier versions of its hot hatches and this one is hardcore. It has got a 227bhp 24 valve Laguna engine not under the bonnet, but centrally mounted and goes like the proverbial clappers. Go for the more obscure 2001-2003 Phase 1 version from £8,000-£12,000.

Rover 75 V8

Available from £5,000, this 2004 Rover has novelty value. It has an air of effortlessness to drive, with the Ford Mustang’s V8 MG ZT unit supplying the power. It’s out of favour due to its thirsty behaviour and a pedestrian image but could make a change from the usual suspects in a few years’ time.

Jaguar XKR Supercharged

A Jag is always desirable and the convertible version of this 370bhp flagship GT from 1998-2006 is sure to see values head north in the future. It has all the style and luxury you expect of a Jaguar and, with some careful shopping, can be had from £4,000.

Citroen XM

This one will have novelty value and, like the Rover, is ideal for those who do not like to follow the herd. It is spacious and comfortable inside and comes armed with a very capable V6. However, choose your model very carefully or you could find yourself stuck with a banger rather than a smugly appreciating classic. Prices range from £500-£6,000.

Nissan 350Z

Another one to approach with caution but enthusiasm is this attitude packed sports car. It’s as entertaining behind the wheel as the Alfa Romeo but with added Japanese self-assurance and can be found from £4,000-£16,000. will help you find a good deal to secure a good example of your future classic while sticking to sound investment principles. As entertaining as choosing a car can be, remember you are in this to make money.

As with any investment opportunity, do your research and be guided by your head rather than your heart to avoid rust bucket traps for the unwary.

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