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Many User Nissan March Said That Their Car is Not Efficient

Many User Nissan March Said That Their Car is Not Efficient

Many user of Nissan march is unhappy with their car.

This is about the Nissan march product..and it become the reflection that our rights as consumer sometimes is not protected…

The news become hot topic because one of the user of Nissan march, reported that her car (Nissan March) is not suitable with the advertising so she is interested with the car..

in the advertising, Nissan march claim is the efficient car, where spend less fuel in 1 km..

One of the owner of Nissar March, Ludimilla Arif had want her money back when she buy this car..Ludmilla consider that Nissan had cheated her and many people when claiming that the fuel comsumption (with many mass media) can reach 18,5 km/liter and in the brochure had been written can reach 21,8 km/liter

Ludmilla find another things..She admit only reach 12km/liter and sometimes only 8 km/liter.

The picture of Ludmilla Arif

She report Nissan to BPSK(The Bpard of Consumer dispute settlement) and from BPSK, Nissan is decided must give back Ludmilla money when buy her car (IDR 150 million). But Nissan refuse BPSK decision and appealed to the South Jakarta Disctrict Court to Invalidate the arbitration decision BPSK.

But the lawyer of Ludmilla think the Nissan steps is not true..David ML Tobias is Ludmilla lawyer. David explain that the Law of consumer protection said that each producer must advertise the items like the real condition. The consumer legislation is clear..and Nissan is not honest in advertising.

David added actually the problem is simple..his client only want her money back..But Nissan make it become complicated..

But Nissan lawyer (Deni Syahrial Simorangkir) says that the report of Ludmilla only give evidence in form of media such as the news from detikoto, kompas.com and Investor daily.

Deni added that is really different meaning between advertisement and the news..Nissan had checked too the Ludmilla car and the result still same, the car can keep 25,07 km with 1 liter..

so just wait and see..

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