Maruti Cervo :Price,specifications,mileage,launch Date ,Power

Many people are excited to know about this vehicle ,Maruti Suzuki cervo and it is actually a vehicle in the place of Maruti Suzuki 800 .And the revolution that Tata Nano has made in the vehicle Industry is about to change after the release of this cool looking and excellent vehicle  . And Suzuki has already launched cervo on Japan .This vehicle is specially made to compete against Tata Nano while keeping the Maruti Suzuki’s standard .It is expected to be one the best selling cars after it’s launch in India .

Specifications :

1.The Interiors of the car are designed similar to those of Maruti Swift. The side air vents seem to be slight uneven, with the usual nothing special dashboard for car control.

2.It has a 0.7 litre ,660cc engine .The power is quite less than Maruti 800 but it is made for the common people of the country .

3.It will get a mileage of 26/litre for petrol .

Expected price

2 to 2.5 lakhs

These are the information that are currently available ,but it is sure that this vehicle will be a hit .

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