Maybach Threatened Bankrupt?

According to reports from Automotive News, quoted in USA Today, July 1 Daimler will decide whether lethal brand sedans that cost around 460,000 U.S. dollars / unit u or partnering with Aston Martin to save him.

“Most likely will come out positive decision,” said Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler, related to cooperation talks with Aston Martin.

If Aston Martin, a British automobile manufacturer that can provide a touch of style a la coupe and roadster to its rigid sedan, the Maybach will probably have a second chance.

Indeed, when compared with the old-fashioned and rigid Maybach, Ashton Martin famous more stylish and seductive.

Maybach latest sale in the U.S. starting in 2003. Last year Daimler sold only 63 units in the U.S. (200 units worldwide), while sepdanjang 2011 only sold 45 units.

When compared with the super premium brands other German cars, Maybach sales numbers of the worst.

Bentley, who revived by BMW, which managed to sell 1430 units last year. Product upscale VW, Rolls-Royce, managed to sell 512 units. This figure previously targeted by Maybach.

A month ago Daimler Maybach launched a company designed with renowned jewelry and Swiss watches, Grisogono, at the Cannes Film Festival. Four-door sedan chair decorated with a diamond in the back.

Daimler said it will launch more luxury car again, with more diamonds and gems at the Dubai auto show, November.

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