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Mercy Gives Birth to “Baby” in The 2014 SLS AMG

Mercy Gives Birth to “Baby” in The 2014 SLS AMG

Mercedes-Benz penetration sharpened its sports car models, SLS. After giving birth SLS AMG sports a conventional engine and the hard-topped convertible to electric, there is now a new variant is being planned by Mercy.

The German car manufacturer is now planning the birth of ‘baby’ SLS AMG gullwing doors are still carrying. Mentioned, Mercy will not remove the impression that driving a baby SLS AMG.

Drivespark Launched on Monday (4/30/2012) baby SLS AMG will begin production in 2014 at a price far less than his brother the SLS AMG 6300 cc engine.

Naturally, less expensive, because the parties rumored to be sinking Mercy 4000 cc V8 engine in the car and the sporty2-door 2-seater. Unfortunately there is no complete data abouthis new machine.

However, this engine reportedly transmission combined with AMG Speedshift DCT 7 speed dual clutch. Ditampuk as a sports car of the future, baby SLS AMG compete with the Porsche 911.

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