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Mercy Ready to Make Driver Asleep

Mercy Ready to Make Driver Asleep

AFP – Stuttgart, Sleepiness while driving was found to be alatent danger.Solution of drowsiness was just sleeping and Mercedes-Benz also currently working to develop technology that can make the driver fell asleep.

When the sleep attack, the danger of course continue to haunt every rider. When that happens, motorists are advised to rest for a while though.

However, because the atmosphere of a car which sometimes does not make comfortable, each rider so it’s hard to break. That’s what the focus of Mercedes-Benz when developing the project Active Comfort.

On this concept, the German manufacturer is trying to provide extra comfort for drivers who want to rest, of course after the first parked car.

Mercedes-Benz inspired TopFitTtruck study tried to find ways to make the car rider to induce sleep when the driver wants to try ‘quick nap’ good ‘for at least 20 minutes.

By allowing the rider breaks, accidents would be avoided because it will make the driver so the higher vigilance.

More than that fuel consumption would be so much less because a new study shows that a tired driver was using more fuel for driving witha ‘more uncertain.’

On the concept of Active Comfort driver’s senses would be starting from the effects of visual comfort, acoustics, which makes it convenient to smells.

Lighting and music will be used to create a relaxing environment while different odors to be used, such as menthol that increase alertness on long trips, an ionizer to fresh air and scent of citrus that will help riders to sleep.

“The possibility to take a nap so effective for good cause willplay a key role in the concept of Active Comfort of Mercedes-Benz,” the company said as quoted from Inautonews detikOto, Monday (05/21/2012).

“Some of the ideas explored in this vehicle which will soon appear on the series production of the Mercedes-Benz vehicles,” they are business like.

Mercy can not elaborate further in the technical matter whether the engine light stays on when the driver fell a sleep. Because most of the study said it was too long in the car with the U.S. on very dangerous condition of the soul.

Well, this certainly is so PR for Mercedes-Benz.

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