Million Accident in Japan!

Race on a wet road between Hiroshima and Kyushu not captured for lovers ofhigh-speed well. Then, as one of the Ferrari driver lost control of his vehicle, the multiple car accident occurred in which 10 people were injured. Fortunately, none of the drivers suffered serious injuries.

During the incident has damaged a total of 14 cars, 8 of the exhibition pieces Ferrari.Participated in illegal chases models such as F355, F360, F512 or F430. Apart fromMaranello stallion was damaged and a Lamborghini Diablo and Mercedes Benz. It would not be Japan if the joyride did not attend the Nissan Skyline. The wrong placeand was passing the Toyota Prius, which inadvertently became a party ”of millions of accident.” Then the way to 6 hours closed, due to the elimination of waste.

Skoda is not yet known, but certainly the order will go to hundreds of thousands of €, as some cars are totally destroyed. It is assumed that drivers (usually strangers) for their irresponsible driving properly paid – at least his license.

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