Modifications Mazda2 Street Racing Ala Pacman Sticker


Mazda2 Street Racing theme, the car belonged to the Imam of Pacman Sticker appear classy with extreme modifications. All parts of this little car overhauled without losing the character of the Mazda2.

The reshuffle also take up to 6 months, where the hardest part is embedding bodykit. Custom bodykit made of carbon made handmade and from the very beginning. So what kind of modifications made to the Mazda2 Imam manual transmission this year 2010?

The use of carbon materials selected to affirm the character of street racing. This material is used in almost all parts of the body such as the bodykit, fenders, doors made gull-wing style, pillar to the trunk and wing.

The trunk lid and the front hood of the motor so can both be opened using the wireless network. Full body polish, wash of bright color paint is applied all over the body. Which is then adorned with themed airbrush Lightning Art.

Elegant impression was pinned with the use of a projector headlamp sunroof and sharp character.

Specifications Exterior:

– Custom carbon body kit

– Custom carbon fender

– Custom door Gull-wing

– Custom carbon trunk door

– Custom carbon wing

– Custom carbon pillars A, B, C

– Motorized door luggage

– Headlamp projector

– Webasto Sunroof

– Full Aribrush theme “Lightinng Art” by Tomi Airbrush

– Custom bodykit by Eagle Modified

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