Modify The Oil and Filter on a 2001 Beetle TDI Oil Extractor (Part 2)

Unscrew the oil filter protect  and take up perfectly. A twisting wrench was used to stiffen the filter protect. The twisting specifications is 18 – ftlb.

Finish by eliminating all resources from the workspace.

Start the Beetle and the engine for two (2) minutes.

Turn off the engine and check the flow of oil.

Install the top engine protect that was eliminated and set up hose into segment that was formerly eliminated. Install dipstick into the dipstick tube.

Close the bonnet.

Test the Beetle TDI.

Tips :

A raising system is not needed for this repair.

A Narrow key protect developed to fit the VW ALH diesel energy fuel methodologies be purchased in most automatic provide shops and online car parts shop. Even a filter group wrench can at most redecorating and automatic provide shops to buy.

Choose a link or other distinct system should not be used to set up new O – jewelry in the filter control. Chafed and damaged O – rings would result in an oil flow.

In step 14 is not eliminated in oil using the conventional means for modifying from the end of oil google.

Shell Rotella T artificial engine oil satisfies the VW manufacturer specifications requirements.

A new Fram oil filter satisfies the VW manufacturer specifications requirements, can be purchased at automatic provide shops.

Warnings :

Pump the oil with this device can be all steel particles trapped to the magnetic strain link in the engine to do further damage.

With an oil separator does not eliminate the large down payment from the end of an oil pan. Dies can cause to extreme build up. A conventional oil change is always the best means for proper servicing of engines.

In most places it is against the law to get rid of of the old engine oil properly, namely in sources streaming town, private property, employees, and city-owned roads and walkways. Most automatic provide shop stores take oil for reuse. No fee billed for this support.

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