New Ford Focus Light Rays Have Layout Under Way

At Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, ​​in addition to introducing a system of advanced connectivity and technology park SYNC 2 straight (Perpendicular Parking) new hands-free on New Focus, Ford is also an increase in the ability of Adaptive Front Lighting system.

Adaptive Front Lighting System has been enhanced to adjust headlight beam Bi-Xenon HID best with the new road layout. This system assesses the light atmosphere around the vehicle, as well as objects on the road ahead and then adjust the angle and intensity of the light beam to one of seven settings depending on vehicle speed, steering angle and the distance to the object in front.

At high speeds, such as on the highway, the headlights will diperterang to produce light that is longer and straighter for more visibility farsightedness, in cities where lower speeds and more intense street lighting, the light will spread down to more intense illuminating the road directly in front.

When cornering at low speeds, the system will project light toward the side of the road to make cyclists and pedestrians more visible. This system will support the rider cornering at higher speeds by directing light further into the corner.

New Focus took DNA fun-to-drive models that have been recognized to a higher level with improved handling and steering and also offers improved fuel economy compared to various versions of current models thanks to a new powertrain options.

1.5-liter diesel engine-powered 120hp PowerShift automatic which will be introduced next year will offer a 19 percent increase compared to the same current-powered Focus.

New Focus is equipped with an automatic transmission and the award-winning 1.0-liter engine EcoBoost will also be introduced next year will offer a 17 percent increase from the equivalent-powered engine that would replace.

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