North York Auto Glass



Remaining a pinnacle in the Greater Toronto Area is our number one goal here at Auto Glass Changers. Our devoted Richmond Hill Auto Glass experts are constantly benefiting a great deal of lives in our community. With our dedication and determination to succeed, we enthusiastically hold the title as your leading Auto Glass Corporation. With an immense amount of industry experience, skills and knowledge, you can rest assured that you have undoubtedly met the experts who are qualified and readily available to not only meet, but exceed your auto glass needs.

It is imperative for you to wisely choose a trustworthy, faithful and committed company. With a plethora of scammers in the industry, it is critical for our experts to constantly reach out to, and ensure our community members remain knowledgeable about the many sneaky tricks that are pulled by falsely run North York Auto Glass stores. Our expert technicians present our faithful clients with honest and professional advice. To continue to serve our community members with care, we require all staff members to participate in a vast variety of customer service and training programs that are solely focused on the main aspects of customer service and how our community members should be treated. Apart from receiving extensive customer service training, our employees are also required to undergo various hands on tasks and tests. In our attempt to ensure our employees are able to efficiently repair your auto glass, they must be evaluated on a regular basis. Due to the constant evolution and training programs that are put in place by the management team at Auto Glass Changers, we employ the highest number of top performing employees in the Greater Toronto Area. From chip repair to auto glass replacement, you can guarantee a meticulously job well done. The misconceptions consociated with our industry in regards to fraudulent, ridiculously priced auto glass repair practices is proved wrong by our experts. We offer our community members with cost-effective services that will save them time as well as money.

Our Richmond Hill Auto Glass gurus use the most durable, high-quality tools in the industry. We have partnered with world renowned glass manufacturing companies for the purpose of providing our clients with durable laminated and tempered safety glass. It is imperative for us to take effective preventive measures so that all the clients we have serviced remain safe and secure. Implementing these many techniques continues to allow us to sit amongst the top auto glass technicians in the world. By continuously remaining up to date with the many new safety glass technologies, we are able to remain your leading auto glass corporation. Apart from the many benefits of safety glass, we also remain knowledgeable about the many windshield wiper types. Remaining knowledgeable about this allows us to provide our clients with imperative information and proper wiper maintenance tips. Caring for your safety glass is critical if you would like to prolong its life. As such, our expert team members continue to provide GTA residents with extensive tips such as; how to care for your auto glass, the specific types of cleaners to use, when to repair your auto glass, when to replace your safety glass, how to wash your auto glass during specific seasons, how often to come in for regular check-ups, the dangers of DIY auto glass repair kits, what to watch out for, how to prevent windshield cracks and more!

Our expert Richmond Hill Auto Glass technicians are readily available to service the entire Greater Toronto Area community and we will continue to do it with dedication, professionalism and care. As your leading Auto Glass Company, we urge you to give us a call today so that you may be granted with the ability to operate a safe vehicle!

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