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Paris Motor Show 2012

Paris Motor Show 2012

The Paris Motor Show offers more beautiful and stunning cars for petrol heads to drool over.

Did you know the Paris Motor Show has its origins as a far back as 1898? Back then it was the first “World Show for automobiles, cycling and sports”.

Today, it’s a chance for the top automobile manufacturers to showcase their latest creations. We take a look at some of the cars which caught our attention.

SEAT unveiled two new cars which have had a makeover in line with the Ibiza which was released earlier this year – the Leon and Toledo. The Leon adds sharper lines to give it an edgier look while the Toledo offers more stunning luxury and space. You can see more at their virtual stand and their new car offers.

Audi’s latest concept, the Crosslane Coupe, is a plug-in hybrid focused on fuel economy. But what’s more interesting are its looks, with its grill dominating the front. Audi say the design will shape future Q models.

Ford showcased two cars which will attract much attention in the Fiesta and Mondeo. They too have a grill grabbing the attention on first glance. The silver grill does look like it comes from a BBQ grill, but it also gives the cars a retro styled look.

Jaguar continue their renaissance as they release another show stopper; this time in the form of the F-Type. Shown as a convertible at the Paris Motor Show, it’s hard not to picture yourself driving it with wind blowing through your hair.

While the design may not change drastically from model to model, The new Range Rover is lighter making it faster and agile. An off road vehicle that’s capable of sharp turns and high speeds? Yes please.

But the headliner stealer has to be the McLaren P1. While it may be out of most people’s price range, we can still dream. Never mind it actually going fast, it looks fast when stationary – the many air in takes make sure of this.

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