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Parking Lots are Lots More Than Parking

Parking Lots are Lots More Than Parking

There is so much more than parking in the lots.

When did the rules of parking lots change? They started out being a bunch of painted lines where you just drove your car between two of them and stopped. Oh there is so much more going on now.

Does anyone actually drive around the lines? These are probably the same people who won’t step on a crack, but have no problem shooting through empty parking spaces like the millisecond they save will get that bronze medal.

It makes sense to not drive all the way to the end and around the last car in a row. And one could understand a gap of a few spaces between two cars, but when did everyone get the guts to fly through a one space gap like it’s a closing portal to another universe.

The most common way to park in a spot is the straight pull in which leads to the back out to exit. Backing out can be a tricky maneuver.

Is this why so many people spend a lot of time assessing the situation before exiting? This is especially evident when some else wants the spot.

That is when people will adjust the rear-view mirror, adjust the seat belt and fix their hair. Yes we know that’s what mirrors do-show your reflection, but maybe this is the one time the paparazzi are not hunting you down.

And yes we know you are dragging ass getting out of the spot when you see that someone is waiting for the spot. You must be the same idiot who is always the last one in a store at closing time.

A parking space is a temporary thing. You don’t own it and if that oil geyser hits after you pull out, you will just be out of luck.

Then there are the guys who find parking lots are the perfect location to practice being models for “The Price is Right.” They will open all four doors, roll down every window, open the trunk, pop the hood and wipe down every inch of the car.

The one rule that remains is that there is lots more than parking going on in parking lots.

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