Photos: The “Angel” Dragon Edition Car

Auto China 2012

Beijing Motor Show 2011 show to be a showcase forthe world’s automotive manufacturers to showcase the latest products with a number of advantages.

In fact, the world’s car manufacturers are offering vehicles khsusus special edition Dragon Bamboo Curtain country. As did Audi (Q3 Golden Dragon Edition) and Aston Martin (Dragon 88). Naga being chosen because it is a symbol of nationalpride in China.

Not only the best vehicles and the latest concept cars that make the Beijing Motor Show 2012 to be so glamorous. Auto shows held in China International Exhibition Center on April 23 to 27, it becomes very prestigious because of the presence of hundreds of beautiful models.

Their average is an artist or a top fashion model in China. Their presence would become its own allure for visitors. See the photos in here.

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