Playing It Safe

There are those among us that do not believe in taking chances.  This leaves a person to imagine what sort of life such an individual should live.  For one thing, when we come down to it most things involve a chance.  But when addressing the subject about playing it safe, it seems that a person has to be sure that the intended result will be positive. If it is not, well then, it is time to consider taking a calculated chance.


Crossing the street may be a good example.  A person comes to the stop light.  It is red and he presses the button to cross.  He waits and waits.  The light changes to green for the traffic in the other direction to proceed.  He again hits the crossing button, but the same thing happens.  He soon realizes that something is wrong.  Does he take a chance to cross the street the next time the traffic stops although the sign for walking does not light up?  He may decide to play it safely and walk further down the street where he can cross.  Another person may take a chance as long as he does not walk into the oncoming traffic.  Some may do so instead of playing it safe.  This it seems is a calculated risk.

The same is true if a driver happens to be in a car when his passenger suffers a heart attack.  The question is:  “Does the driver obey the traffic laws by driving as carefully as possible to get his passenger to the closest hospital?” Or, “Does he take the chance of speeding through traffic, causing an accident, and further harming, or killing his passenger?”  Granted, it all depends on who is driving, how skillful this driver is, and what precautionary measures he decides to use.  Fortunately, this driver switched on his blinkers, kept honking his horn as he made his way through rush hour traffic, until fortunately he was able to arrive at the emergency room.


Some people see nothing wrong in wagering a small amount of their salary on bets.  They know that it is wrong, if they should use a major portion of their savings to take such risks.  These persons accept the fact that they stand practically no chance of winning.  Odds of winning from a raffle ticket, or at a casino are against them, still they know that a small percentage of the lucky ones still wins.  Most see their betting escapades as entertainment.  Something to laugh about.

Like all wagers, some persons will try to reassure themselves that their bets could be right.  They know it will take a fortune to make such a bet.  Yet, such a person may decide they do not want to play it safe, but take this shot in the dark now and again.  Such plays as mentioned before will not drive a person into the poor house.  He knows that he is not addicted and there is nothing to become concerned about.  The wager bets what he can afford.  If he wins he is happy.  If he loses, well that is it, it does not really matter.  Or, does it? 

Medical Risk

Some will argue that a person should always put safety first.  But as shown previously, there could very well be extenuating circumstances.  It ought to be that an individual should not willing break the law by his flippancy.  Playing it safe in many circumstances is only sensible.  At times though, it will not always hold true, since some things in life calls for risks.  In medicine for instance, an exploratory surgical procedure might mean saving the life of a patient.  It has to be  remembered that patient may also die.  But if he lives, he and his doctor did not play it safe and his operation may be the beginning of other advances in medicine and the sciences.

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Playing it safe is often the best thing to do.  At times though, it may be best to take a chance to accomplish certain  goals.  It may be figuring out what to do, helping a friend, or a doctor doing exploratory surgery at a hospital.


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Wagering may be a different matter.  Most bet a small amount of what they earn.  They are not addicted and do so for entertainment with a  possibility of winning.  As said previously, playing safe is not always the best thing but a person should be prepared to take calculated chances.

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