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Porsche 944 Parts, Only Better

Porsche 944 Parts, Only Better

If you have a 944, and you haven’t visited this site yet, you are really missing out. Only944.com is the newest Porsche site on the block and it is getting rave reviews, and for good reason.

Do you own a Porsche 944? Then you need to continue reading this article. An amazing new company, Only944, is on the rise and ready to help you improve everything that’s wrong with your car.

I’m sure you’ve heard the squeak in your hatch. What is that? Well, the part where the hatch pin sits in the lock has worn out. But it’s made of rubber. And Porsche purposely makes parts that wear down so that you have to spend tons of money to replace them. Well, in order to get rid of that squeak, you would have had to purchase the whole rear hatch latch on both sides, so not just one, but two, because they don’t sell the little rubber piece the hatch pin sits on. Those run about $50 each.

Now look to Only944.com where you will find hatch pin seats to fix the squeak in your 944 rear hatch. And instead of spending over $100 to fix the problem, it’s only $20 for a set of 2. So you’ll not only save money, but also because you’re replacing the rubber with a custom plastic piece made with delrin, it won’t wear down, so you’ll never have the problem again.

So don’t replace the entire porsche 944 rear hatch lock. Simply get the hatch pin seats that Only944 has created to save you headaches and money.

Are you wondering if they work? Just look to the 944 forums. 

89-944NA, a user from Pelican Parts says, ”If you are going to replace the plastic bushings, Kyle (GreenWater) [Owner of Only944] on this forum sells them, his are machined from Delrin stock….the kit to do both sides is only $20. Porsche 944 Hatch Pin Seats, Rattling hatch fix, make your car quiet again! Less costly (by $80) than the ones from 944 online, and about $120 cheaper than the dealer.”

And kfanazini says “They worked for me.”

Crackership from Rennlist says, “Just thought I’d let you all know. I just installed this shifter from Only944.com this afternoon, and it’s pretty great. It’s well-made, fits perfectly, does a great job of eliminating slop, shipping was fast, and it’s inexpensive to boot. Anyway, just thought I’d let you all know. If you’ve got a sloppy shifter, this is an excellent fix. P.S. I am, in no way, affiliated with Only944.com, I’m just a happy customer.”

And VBjunker says, “Another satisfied customer here. I bought the hatch pin seats and shifter boot. I did a similar treatment to my own shifter with bronze shoulder bushings from Home Depot instead of bearings instead but acknowledge the superiority of the Only944 design. I’m not sure who this Kyle guy is at Only944 is, but he has talent, enthusiasm and decent prices. Entertaining blog also. I’ll be watching his site for expanded product line. Maybe worth a look. My two cents for what it is worth.”

So go get your 944 Porsche parts that are better than the original, and save money while you’re at it!

Classic Only944 Parts that are available now:

Hatch Pin Seats, Shifter, Shifter Boot, Shifter Covers, Rear Hatch Seal, Tail Light Kit, and most OEM parts as well.

Click here: Only944.com

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