Prevention Appears in 60% of About Road Safety

The penalty points, information and road safety campaigns have reduced fatalities in crashes by 14%.

The number of accidents on roads has been greatly reduced, resulting in 14% fewer deaths over the previous year.

The decline in claims was due to many factors, among them are the penalty points, the reform of the Road Safety Act, the campaigns of the DGT and new traffic regulations and the constant threat of information on road safety media.

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This is demonstrated in the study on “coverage of the Spanish media on road safety in 2011,” conducted by Direct Line along with the School of Communication at the University of Navarra.

road safety

60% of road safety information that appears in the media talks about prevention. Increasingly emphasizing the importance of buckling up, wearing helmets and use child restraint systems, among other measures.


The claims are a matter of general interest, 52% of the information refers to victims who claims the road during weekends or holiday periods.


On the other hand, 25.5% of stories that have been analyzed in the study refer to sanctions such as withdrawal of license points as misconduct and improper overtaking or consumption of alcohol.

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