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Texting and Driving related accidents are on the rise, but one simple thing can be done to reign-in the frequency of such events.




  Reports of texting related car crashes are a common staple of the news, along with drunk driving, drowsy driving, drunken drowsy driving, and pot smoking drunken drowsy sex-ting driving. It would seem that as our vehicles and our cell phones become smaller and cheaper, our collective values of live have adjusted accordingly. Just as drinking has become a disease, instead of a human behaviour, one day sex-ting while drunken driving will morph into an acceptable disease, requiring intervention and rehabilitation over punishment and behavioural modification.


  Of course the conservative stance on such troubling issues is that people should not be allowed to drink and drug and text and drive while texting, sex-ting, or changing the channel of their radio. Inversely, they may argue that every citizen has the right to carry a handgun in their car, as the Constitution clearly states that all citizens are allowed to carry handguns in their car. The same hard-liners would fight for capital punishment, against abortions, and against the use of condoms.


  The Liberal perspective would deem it acceptable to text and drive, drink and drive, sext and drive, while changing the channel of the radio, but may disagree that handguns were guaranteed in the Constitution. They may be more apt to support women’s reproductive rights, and look at alcoholism as a disease instead of a behaviour.


  While representatives and lobbyists push for further litigation to reign in the increasing frequency of texting related car crashes; raising public debate over civil rights and driver protection, few can challenge the fact that the simple use of condoms could have prevented all of these accidents.

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  1. Malik Laudenslager

    August 29, 2010

    Joe Maurno told me about this web site in an email. Are you a friend of his? He said something was important on here for me to read.

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