Produced Infiniti Jx Start


Tennessee – After a busy preached when he was in the form of a concept car , Infiniti finally produced a new toy too. Japanese luxury car brand began producing their luxury crossover, Infiniti JX.

7 passenger crossover is being produced at the Smyrna plant in the United States-owned Infiniti. This is the first luxury car produced in Tennessee and is expected to enter the American market in the month of March.

“We are very proud and honored to build world class vehicles here in Tennessee,” said Vice President of Manufacturing Smyrna, Susan Brennan as detikOto quotes from autoevolution, Thursday (23/02/2012).

“We hope to inspire the design and quality workmanship in every Infiniti model is built in Smyrna will provide the inspiration that is second to none,” he added.

Of his own design of this car shows the two auras at once elegant and handsome with a powerful 265 hp engine endorsement.

Power was on the runway can be configured from daput V6, DOHC 3.5-liter capacity which is also built in America.

There are two versions of drivers provided by your Nissan car anyarnya it is for the front-wheel drive (FWD), which is expected to start from the price of U.S. $ 40,450 or approximately USD 365.4 million and AWD is worth U.S. $ 41,550 or approximately USD 375.4 million .

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