Prototype of The Dodge Charger, a Preciousness on Wheels

Dodge Hemi Charger Concept of 1964. Without seeing the photos and eliminating the word Concept, someone who is not put in the topic might think that there treats himself about a Dodge Charger “any” of many that were populating the American geography. Nevertheless, more of one will have realized that in this year still a Dodge Charger of production did not exist.

This prototype is the first model of the signature of the sheep in taking the appellative Charger. It was developed by the brand on the base of the Dodge Polara, with which he shares certain aesthetic features. Nevertheless, it is a question of the only prototype with details that in those days they had to be completely revolutionary, as the scanty height or the elegant aerodynamics. Elements like the enormous opening of he gelded, the small height of the crystals or the lateral exits of leak still are surprising nowadays.

Under an attractive and suggestive appearance we are an engine at a height of the awaited thing. As he says his name, incorporates an engine HEMI of 7.0 liters V8 of competition, which correspond with one of the first series of 15 engines HEMI made for this occupation. Though the concrete number is not known, his power overcomes 600 CV and the force is transmitted to the back wheels across an automatic gearbox of three speeds.

This vehicle has been a news recently since the house of auctions RM Auctions is going to auction it next January 20 in an event celebrated in Arizona (the) (USA). The owner has decided to put it to the sale after having submitted it to a complete restoration carried out by Fran Roxas. Since it is estimated in the photos, the work realized by this person is encomiable, though it is necessary to admit that the photographies have good fault of it. Undoubtedly, a spectacular car like few ones.

The vehicle is spoilt up to insulting levels, since he is in a specially prepared place, with a specific atmosphere in order that the passage of time does the minimal possible effect in his beautiful forms. The thing can that it changes when it goes on to hands of his new owner in a few days; it thinks that his value of sale will overcome widely the million dollars, codes one disheveled at all for a car that we can label as only one, predecessor of a legend who still today is still alive.

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