Public Transport Numer 5008

Public Transport Number 5008 properly and formerly called route one can only travel at 25 miles per hour.  The public transport driver who wears Chanel cologne says that maybe the public transport needs an oil change.  Therefore, Public Transport Number 5008 on route one arrived at the stop to get exchanged for a new faster transport.  Well, you guessed it, the replace transport was not readily available.

So what does the driver do?  Instead of contacting the transport company by using the phones installed, the driver jumps off the transport and leaves the passengers on board without air conditioning.  The driver of the public transport that does not travel faster than 25 miles per hour, jumps off the slow transport and uses his own cell phone to check on the replacement.

There had been plans to get to the other library by walking from this transport along the boulevard, but I think that in this torrid weather, it is best to stay with the group waiting on the replacement transport number 36.

A few of the passengers got off of the Public Transport Number 5008 because they were left without air conditioner.  The driver is now walking back to the bus without telling the other passengers of the replacement dilemma.  The transport driver voluntarily turned the air conditioner on and he again walked off the public transport and all the while the acknowledged patiently waited on the replacement transport of number 36.

Then upon boarding the rescue public transport number 36, there occurred another minor incidence.  A wheel chair dweller actually got stuck in his chair.  The seat belt of the public transport would not relax to allow the gentleman out.  The gentleman had a doctor appointment which was a few steps from where the public transport stopped.

Some of the passengers offered their cutting instruments but it was not allowed because it was not the property of the public transport.  Well, after a while one of the fixer up guys came and cut the man out of his bondage.  I have yet to reach the public college library but shall get there by and by and hopefully without any more incidents.

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