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Pursue The Throne of Mercy Return

Pursue The Throne of Mercy Return

Jakarta – In the past, Mercedes-Benz had become the number one luxury car manufacturer in the world. Manufacturing tri-star logo is a manufacturer selling until 2005, when it was overthrown by BMW that continues to be number one after that.

Mercy is now in third place afterBMW and Audi. Mercy was now slowly starting to try to topple BMW and Audi from the top. And the results started to appear, at least in 2015.

As reported by the New York Daily News, analysts expect saleswill reach 1.76 units of BMW in 2015, Mercy 1.68 million units and 1.63 million units Audi.

After shifting Audi in 2015, Mercy has the potential to become a champion at the end of this decade.

But that does not mean that efforts would be easy, because Audi has prepared a strategy for the car as much as 2 million units sold in 2020.

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