Range Rover Sport is Pleasant and Charming

Range Rover Sport Is Pleasant And Charming

The Range Rover is pleasant and charming with something that just makes you like it. The Sport just seems to be a little brother version of the original range rover and though less practical it still has something about it that makes it very likeable. This Range Rover offers all the Sports luxuries, comfort, design that has a unique attractiveness to it at an affordable price and something that is cheaper than a lot of similar models. This particular model is actually very heavy when it comes to the overall look of the car; it weighs up to 2590 kg. The Sport has managed to combine ladder chassis strength with a monocoque rigidity which is very admirable and impressive.

Though the vehicle is very heavy it has the perfect engine to make it go almost unrecognized when behind the wheel. A 5.0 litre Jaguar engine, a V8 supercharged it produces 503bhp at 6000rpm. This is the perfect engine for this model and works very well to ensure that maximum smoothness and comfort is provided. With the engine the range rover meets its rivals well and has remained in the competition. Air springs have been fitted that have a capability of adjusting the height of the car by 10cm. there is hill descent control as standard alongside terrain response system. Van ventilated discs are also fitted on the sides.

All this increases the practicality and makes the Sport a much more easy and pleasant vehicle to drive. Moving on to the interior the Range Rover Sport has worked well to compete and has made sure that there is just as much space as the X5 and Cayenne. The front seats are brilliant and Sporty with a comfortable feel but the rear seats could be better as they are a little too firm and flat. There are six airbags and impact absorbing properties are fitted to make the whole model safer. All the dials and control seem to be perfectly placed so the drive is easy and full of luxury. If there is anything that is not to our standards it is the cabin space. It is not roomy enough and may feel a little suffocating at times especially if the driver is a big tall guy.

Apart from this the interior of the vehicle has impressed us and the latest version has dealt with previous complaints well. The Range Rover starts from £70,000 which is certainly not cheap and if you add on the options the price can increase to Bentley-like £120,000. The Range Rover has luxurious and generous standard equipment which is very competitive with its competitors. When it comes to luxury there is nothing like a Range Rover. It is a combination of talents for less money. The Range Rover has exceptional and stunning performance levels which only few cars can achieve. Some say that its new design is less regal and softer but at the same time the new version is a successful update of an iconic car. This is the best 4×4 on sale.

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