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Reasons Why Philippines is One of The World’s Worst Driving Country

Reasons Why Philippines is One of The World’s Worst Driving Country

Recently, an observer blogged about the worst driving countries in the world in which Philippines is ranked as third after Beijing and India respectively. The country particularly Manila is experiencing a traffic lasting for several minutes each stop making it difficult to reach the destination in time even with the adjusted time frame to start early. The observed reasons for naming Philippines as one of the world’s worst diving country are the following.

No discipline of drivers

It is obvious that drivers in the Philippines do not have the discipline needed on the road. This is especially true for public transport drivers who want to earn more in a day. You can see buses and jitneys offloading and riding passengers even at the middle of the road which impeding other cars to go through. Private car owners do the same in racing to the first line to be ahead of the others. With this, cars are jammed in the intersections of the road obstructing flow of cars.

Small road for many cars

Compared with other countries, Philippines has small roads. The whole lane is considered half lane in other countries. The size of the road is not enough to accommodate the many vehicles travelling in and out and going around Manila. Added to this is the lack of decent sidewalks where people are supposed to walk. People walk within both sides of the road limiting space for vehicles to run their wheels.  If there are sidewalks, it is small for the volume of people using them.

Inefficient road enforcers

It is also observed that there is a problem in the enforcement of traffic rules and regulations in the country. The more the cars are being jammed on the road with the presence of traffic enforcers giving directions.  It takes more than 5 minutes before a lane is emptied of vehicles in one intersection. If there are four intersections manned by traffic enforcers, drivers from each side have to wait for 20 minutes before they can go through that intersection. It seems that enforces are not well equipped with skills to manage the road traffic effectively.

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