Review: 1992 Chevrolet Lumina

I have only owned two vehicles: A red 1992 Chevrolet Lumina and a white 1992 Chevrolet Lumina. If you are willing to sacrifice style for dependability and good gas mileage, this car is for you.

I drove my red Chevrolet Lumina for about ten years. It would have lasted longer had I taken better care of it. When it finally kicked the bucket, it had journeyed almost 200,000 miles.

I found my second Lumina with a little luck when my dad introduced me to an old man who wanted to sell it. He had serviced it regularly, including oil changes every 10,000 miles and it had sat in his garage for several years. I am still driving the white Lumina and it has traveled about 130,000 miles.

I have only had a few problems with my hotrods. The red Lumina broke down one night due to a heat sensor malfunction. Another time, she stranded me again due to a worn out alternator. I had to replace a spark plug in the white Lumina and there is also a small oil leak, but she is still rolling strong. The rear view mirror on both vehicles fell off and landed in the floor board. I guess Chevrolet was using defective glue back in 1992. I have encountered the typical problems associated with cars of this age, but overall Luminas are well-constructed.

The Chevrolet Lumina also has a roomy interior and a fairly big trunk. The seats are comfortable and the sound system works well, although a CD player or even a cassette player would be a welcome addition. The red Lumina, a Euro version, did not come with cup holders, which is an inconvenience. The white Lumina came with a flimsy, foldable cup holder that hides in the arm rest, but I broke it off accidentally after owning the car for only a few months.

I have always been irresponsible about servicing my vehicles and an oil change for my white Lumina is way past due. I have performed little maintenance on her but she keeps going and going.

I hope that Chevrolet will start making Luminas again. If you regularly maintain this car, it will last forever. I will happily buy another if they install a CD player, cup holders and fix the rear view mirror.

All jokes aside, for me dependability is everything. If a car gets me where I need to go with little or no maintenance, that is all that I require. If you find a Chevrolet Lumina that has been preserved reasonably well, buy it.

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