Review! Pawtec Signature Mini Dual USB Car Charger

Pawtec is climbing up the Wall of Success and you can prevent your devices from going dead just by purchasing this product via Amazon US for about $25 with free shipping. It’s not currently available on Amazon UK at the moment.

You won’t receive or need anything extra with this car charger besides your charging cable and device. Otherwise, it’s a beast inside a small body and available in either white or black with an orange trim around the bottom. Let me tell you why!

This is the only car charger that I ever wanted to show off in public. I even went to someone and said “Hey you, look at my car charger. I bet it’s better than yours.” Of course I got a weird look but it’s only cause they’re jealous. 

They should be since the two ports on the bottom allow you to charge two devices at one time. Either a tablet with the 2.1 amp port or your smartphone with the 1.0 amp port. I didn’t find my devices overheating while being charge. It took about 30 minutes to charge a tablet and about 20 minutes to charge a smartphone.

When the charging was complete you can see a blue LED that tells you it’s done charging plus to prevent any over-charging and battery issues.

I love the design of this car charger. It’s small, glossy, and very portable. I leave it in my car or chuck it into a bag when traveling. Either way it’s there without a hassle. Plus, Pawtec gives you a free 1 Year Limited Warranty with Customer Support at your fingertips.

I recommend this product and other Pawtec products as well. I will be getting them into the office to review for you.    

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