Sales Highs Create Greater Selection of Used Cars for Sale


One of the most frustrating aspects of looking to buy used cars, Perth drivers may experience is a lack of choice. Although the classified ads are filled with used cars for sale, Perth WA residents will find that many of these are offered for sale by private sellers. Unfortunately, a private seller is under no legal obligation to point out any faults or issues with the vehicle, so you may end up buying a dud. Fortunately, there are many dealers offering a great selection of pre-owned cars and as the figures for new car sales increases, there will also provide a greater selection of used cars on the market.

Subaru Sales Increase:

One of the most reputable car brands is Subaru, and the company is enjoying a fantastic sales period. The official VFACTS figures for July 2015 show that Subaru have shifted 3,354 vehicles. This total represented an increase of 7.5 percent against July 2014, making the year to date figure up 8 percent. This impressive sales figure beats the previous high from July 2010 when 3,253 units were sold.

The standout performer for Subaru was the Outback. The model racked up 845 units sold, which was up 306.3 percent on the monthly totals and a 311.6 percent on the year to date figures. The Liberty also saw a massive increase in sales, with 310 units sold, a 229.8 percent increase for monthly sales figures and 251.5 percent year to date. According to Nick Senior, Managing Director at Subaru Australia, these impressive sales results were fuelled by the “unprecedented success” of the Outback. The new Outback has been on sale for seven months, and it is continuing to sell “at an incredible rate”. To date, the brand has shifted 6310 Outback vehicles, which is an increase of over 300 percent year to date compared to 2014.

The Impact on the Used Car Market:

Since Subaru is enjoying “particularly satisfying” sales of premium variants of the Outback and Liberty, there has been an impact on the used car market. Senior has said that Subaru have experienced “an amazing array” of trade in vehicles. This diversity shows that loyal Subaru customers are not the only ones buying new Subaru models. Now when looking to buy used cars Perth drivers will find a greater selection available at Subaru dealerships. This variety means that there are options to suit even more restrictive budgets. There are a lot of advantages to buying these types of used cars for sale, Perth WA residents can benefit from. Most of the pre-owned vehicles will have been assessed by a Subaru technician to determine the trade in value. Also, since Subaru are seeing unprecedented numbers of trade ins, the sales teams are likely to offer many incentives to clear the existing stock, creating the opportunity to bag a great deal.

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