Older model vehicles can be sold as Scrap in return for some handsome amount of money and also is a contribution to prevent pollution.

Some good reasons why the older model vehicles are hazardous for the environment are mentioned below:

In this era, fuel is one of the most important and expensive natural resources. The older model vehicles having the older technology engines are probably the worst fuel consumption machines today. This not only affects your pocket, but also contributes to hazardously environment as it will be a total waste of a valuable resource. This kind of wastage of fuel is definitely not a healthy contribution to the Mother Nature. The performance of cars with regard to energy efficiency and detrimental emissions has shown continuous improvement. The development of more energy-efficient and cleaner car engines, the introduction of car designs with decreased drag resistance and the application of exhaust catalysts are some of the reasons behind this trend. One should expect that all things are equal, the shorter the average lifetime of cars, the lower the energy consumption of and emissions from the car fleet. So, the next best thing a person can do is to turn these older cars in to Scrap Cars, which can be recycled into the manufacture of an environment-friendly vehicle.

High on emissions, these older cars are not good for the environment and for the health of people. Inhaling the smoke of these cars can cause the people to get sick as it exhales poisonous gases. In order to breathe cleaner air, steps should be taking to remove these non-green cars from the streets from the roads. The latest cars with the latest technology engine are more efficient and are reported to have 30% better CO2 emission than the older cars. Reducing the average age of the existing car fleet seems to result in an increase of life-cycle energy use and CO2 emissions. This will also probably apply to cars to be manufactured in the future unless the yearly improvement in fuel efficiency is much better than in the past.

If we simply talk about the looks, the older vehicles don’t really contribute to it. They are big, heavy, ugly looking and are non-aerodynamic. They have old school paint jobs and dented bodies and they make too much noise which is again a cause of noise pollution. They can’t match the efficiency and design of the latest vehicles and look ugly and dirty in the environment.

Our concern for the environment is because if it deteriorates, it will have some serious adverse and hazardous effect on our health and well being. But these harmful and hazardous older vehicles harm us before they harm the environment. Also these cars cannot be depended upon as they can breakdown at any point without even giving the slightest signal, no matter how much they are cared for and looked after.

So, although this is only one among the several reasons for the deterioration of our environment, but it contributes harshly as the noxious fumes exhaled by these cars are unhealthy and can cause various diseases affecting the lungs and the whole body. Prevention of these older model vehicles should be done by government so that it ensures that after a certain period of time, the car should not be allowed to run on the streets and pollute our mother nature as our health is totally depending upon the environment we live in.

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