Sigma Concern for Storm Victims Sandy

Usually these guarantees on products and tools do not cover the photographic lens damage caused by natural disasters. But this does not apply to a company renowned lens manufacturer, SIGMA. SIGMA concerned with the users of its products, especially those in the east coast of the United States is currently experiencing hurricane disaster Sandy. Concern is evidenced by the SIGMA by providing additional warranty (Extended Warranty) for all products as well as all surrounding SIGMA products suffered damage from the storm Sandy.

The Statement of Sigma to deliver Extended Warranty for its users who are victims of hurricane Sandy

Official statement above is officially published on the Service-Support page on the official website SIGMA. Extended Warranty will cover all product damages caused by the storm SIGMA Sandy, where the SIGMA will provide free services to the damaged product can run occasionally available. Or if the product can no longer be repaired, then the SIGMA will provide the option Trade-In (trade-in). Extended Warranty will only be valid for all SIGMA products are still not past the warranty time official and valid only before December 31, 2012.

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