Simoncelli, How Precious Life

.Simoncelli involved a serious accident with Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi as he entered the second turn on lap 11. Italy was hit by a motorcycle rider Edward and Rossi shortly after the fall. The concussion forced him to end a career in MotoGP for ever.

MotoGP Medical Director, Dr. Michele Macchiagodena explain Simoncelli traumatized in some vital part of his body. 24-year rider suffered serious trauma to the head, neck and chest.

Public MotoGP world already knows how dangerous the MotoGP event. When the race began, life is definitely at stake. There is no fear at all of the riders was wearing a safety device when complete. The driver remained at a high speed drive motors.

Although protected by security devices are complete, no one can guarantee will not happen most fatal incident. Man-made ones used on the track racer while no one is perfect.

Similarly, what is experienced by Simoncelli. The helmets worn clearly visible despite the time he slammed into the asphalt track. Everyone involved in the event the claim release as a sign of a bad helmet for riders concerned.

Until now, various parties have questioned why helmets are used Simoncelli be separated from his head. Essentially, the helmet being used already escaped from the standardization of the rules specified in MotoGP. Authorities were still investigating the release of MotoGP helmets are a major cause of death Simoncelli.

Apart from all that, we can learn lessons that how precious life is. There is no sense of victory or defeat when everything was already too late. Moreover, the delay stems originated from self-negligence.

Lessons from the accident can also permeated all parties in this hemisphere, including Indonesia. Many have risked their lives on the highway just because of his selfish or did not think life is important. In fact many riders in Indonesia are still proud of not wearing a helmet when driving.

If wearing a helmet, solely to avoid penalties in traffic. Bravely, some motorists in this country only to wear a helmet that is far from standardization that has been set.

Factor can be summed up how important a helmet when riding a motorcycle, especially MotoGP with high speed. Even the motorcycle accident that causes death in Indonesia due to the use of helmets that are not standard.

You can buy a motorcycle dozen million, tens or even hundreds of millions. But you ignore the lives by buying a helmet that costs just under 500 thousand. Same thing you dare poured big money but ignore the lives that have been on the fence.

Although the risk one race, Simoncelli suffered what could be a valuable lesson. Lesson how we value life and respect for safety.

Still dare you drive a motorcycle without a helmet is really standard and death-defying?

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