Skoda Ahoj

Skoda Ahoj – Concept

Skoda Ahoj! is a design study of a mini-compact car for everyday use. Hi! is simply a companion for each work and fun. It is also the perfect gateway to the world of motor sport for all young and active people, who dream of independence promises. Hi! was created for the purpose of representing the passing fashion or social status of the owner. A potential customer sees the car ideal companion, from which exudes a sense of fun and also practical. He also appreciates the original image. A small car offers surprising space. Wheels are positioned at the corners to the body, and the front axle is located as far forward as possible. Leg room in the forefront because it is truly luxurious. Reduced line side windows for better vision from the children. More upright ride and cabin appreciate older people. The roof bars can be changed by turning the longitudinal to transverse.

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