Skoda Introduced The First Electric Car

A prototype electric vehicle based on the Octavia traveled 140 kilometers per charge and next year a manufacturer wants to test the operation of the CR and Germany put on roughly 20 vehicles. According to information from the company.

Fully equipped with a prototype mobile batteries with a capacity of 26.5 kilowatts / h and weighing 315 kg. One car battery from current network is eight hours, the network 400 volts, then four hours. The car has a maximum output of 85 kW, capable of a speed of 135 km per hour and from zero to 100 km / h in 12 seconds.
Electrical Octavia in white from the current car some different design elements. LED provide illumination and different is the front grille, which has a distinctive black finish.

Skoda Auto company spokesman Eugene Krauskopf reached for Octavia Com bi, because this car is its modular design ideally suited for assembly of batteries, electronic control unit and an electric motor.

“Based on the results of the testing plan serial production of the first electric vehicle damage in the next three to four years. With electric cars, but we will come up when it becomes mature in all aspects,” he said, adding that it is not clear whether it will be the Skoda Octavia or a different model car.

Damages Stand on Thursday at seven o’clock in the morning. Mladoboleslavska car for a while shows in the world premiere of the Octavia electrical study. on this startling debut single medium as reported in the Czech Republic on Monday.

Mladoboleslavska mark at the Paris Motor Show presents its particular focus on ecology. Besides the prototype electric state in the world premiere of the Yeti and the Superb Green Line is equipped with environmentally friendly engines, which are characterized by low consumption and emissions.

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