Spain News: Pig Truck Kills Two

    Imagine being a bicyclist going out for training to be a part of a sporting event. These people who were riding their bicycles hslavibg fun and then out of nowhere comes a truck out of nowhere. They might have looked at the truck tand realizwd it was hauling pigs and thought nothing of it. I bet none of that group athought there I would be an sccident. Here is the news story of what  happenefd and how Spanish authoritiesb reacted to this terrible tragedy.

In Spain some bicyclists were out training for a sporting event in caparroso  which is 205 miles northeast of Madrid.

This happened on a Sunday morning when these cyclists were out and an accident happened when a truck hauling pigs turned over on them.

There were two deaths of the cyclists which were instantly and one was slightly hurt.

The region of Navarra sent to the accident a helicopter, three ambulances. And three fire trucks.

Let’s keep those involved in our thoughts and send them well wishes.

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune Review June 23, 2014 Monday

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