Suzuki Launches Sx-4 Diesel Engine Version

Fhoto: Suzuki SX-4 Sedan (Motorbeam)

Despite being hit by riots and heavy losses, the car manufacturer Suzuki in India, Maruti Suzuki has launched the SX-4 variants in India Diesel version. Diesel version was produced as a special edition limited production and to celebrate the anniversary of the SX-4.

SX-4 diesel version will be equipped with 1/3-liter DDiS engine capable of producing power 89 BHP and a maximum torque of 200 Nm.

This machine is the same as that used Fiat equipped with VGT to increase power out. Thus was launched Motorbeam, Sunday (09/09/2012).

This special edition also tersedaia to a choice of petrol and diesel engines are only available for two models of the ZXi and ZDi. The plan SX-4 dieselversion will be officially launched on 30 September.

Meanwhile, there was no change in the exterior and interior of the sector. Maruti Suzuki just focus on sectors kitchen runway. But there are a few extras such as available with new colors, chrome door handles, air conditioning and seat krompada place a more sporty and elegant.

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