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Terra Trike Rover Eight vs. Terra Trike Tour

Terra Trike Rover Eight vs. Terra Trike Tour

What’s The Truth About the Terra Trikes? Which is the best choice?

I ride my bike miles and miles each week. I enjoy going on a good 40-60 mile ride at a time. I’ve used mountain bikes which weigh me down with it’s heavier frame and knobby tires that offer more rode resistance equalling to slower rides. I have also tried the more expensive road/road racing bikes. Now with these I was able to ride much faster and at much longer distances. These are good with the exception of seat discomfort. When your in the saddle for long rides you can definitely get uncomfortable and not to mention the next couple of days you are still hurting in the inner thighs and the bottom area. So what is a person to do? How can I continue riding and still have some level of comfort on the ride? I’m glad you asked.

While looking at all of my options I came across the Terra Trike. The Terra Trike right off and looked interesting. It has this sporty, sleek look to it. Two wheels are in the front and one wheel is in the back. The Tera Trike Rover only comes in one speed, three speed and eight speed. If you like a slower ride around the block then the one or three speeds will do you just fine. But if you like going a bit faster and for longer then I would recommend the eight speed. It does cost a couple f hundred dollars more but the trade off will be well worth it.

But if you were riding an average of 14 mph on your road bike don’t expect to do that as soon as you get on this Terra Trike. You are pedaling at a different angle and using different muscles. So it will take some time to build up your speed and endurance with this bike. What I have found is it takes a little longer to build up your speed when starting off, but once you get to the speed that you want, its easy to maintain that speed.

The seat on this trike is what’s really special. It’s design is very similar to that of a lawn chair and can be adjusted forward and back as well as several reclining angles.

Having said all of this, after using my Terra Trike rover eight speed for just a couple of weeks I was unhappy because I did not feel like I have enough gears to get to the speeds I was used to on my Road bike. I mean you can only do so much with eight speeds.

So that Terra Trike now belongs to my wife and I purchased a Terra Trike Tour. The design is very similar with the exception of the seat sits about 5-6 inches lower then on the rover and the tubing is round on the Tour opposed to square on the Rover. The weight limit is also less on the Tour. The Rover has a four hundred pound limit and the Tour only has a three hundred pound weight limit. The Tour also has a whopping 27 gears as opposed to 8 gears with the Rover. So I am very happy with the Tour.

The things to consider when looking at these two trikes is the seat height, weight limits, and speeds. If you want faster and lower you will want the Terra Trike Tour. If you are just a casual rider the the Rover is less expensive however the trade off is less gears and speed. Both trikes are a blast to ride and very comfortable.

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