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Test Skoda Models with 4X4

Test Skoda Models with 4X4

Journalists test Skoda models with 4×4.

Test Skoda models with 4×4

In the vicinity of Barcelona, Spain holds Skoda Auto from 24 January to 4 February Skoda test drive all-wheel drive for 180 journalists from 17 countries. During the test drives to journalists will be allowed for a total of four types of routes to try a balanced combination of traction, efficiency and comfort offered by Skoda. There is a variety of five representatives in three models, which are able to meet the demands of the car with a 4×4 across the segments.

The Skoda 4×4 Experience Area journalists can not try the excellent patency rate of climb or ground vehicles, but also the driving experience under conditions in which the vehicle is tested during the development and use of special measuring devices in the presence of Skoda Auto Technicians. These “developer testing” include managing the extreme conditions in which an ordinary driver and get full, they show the ability drive ability and Skoda cars with all-wheel drive. The test cars are available with all-wheel drive, both with manual and an automatic dual-clutch DSG gearbox. All-wheel drive provides the current generation Skoda between axle latest fourth-generation Haldex clutch.

Skoda cars powered 4×4 has received many awards. For example, the Yeti has three car of 2010 in the Czech Republic. In the German magazine Auto Bild Allrad was declared the best imported car to 25 000. Current Škoda range drive axle consists of two models of the Octavia Combi 4×4, Octavia Scout, Yeti 4×4, Superb 4×4 and Superb Combi 4×4.

Technical level model 4×4 is consistent with growth strategies brand. The objective of a growth strategy is to increase not only sales of cars with the winged arrow in character, but also market share at home and abroad. The basis of the worldwide activities of our brand is primarily the stabilization and further development in established markets as well as expansion into emerging markets such as China, India and Russia. The key to continued growth is the constant improvement of existing models, finding opportunities in new segments and the use of modern technology. The success of a variety of vehicles powered 4×4 between customers Skoda confirms the correctness of this strategy.

In 2010, the all-wheel drive decided 15.5% of the owners of the new Octavia Combi the flagship model the Superb and the share of Superb Combi 4×4 5.4%, respectively. 15.7% of the total. The highest proportion of 4×4 vehicles in the past year scored Yeti. During the first full year of production was all-wheel drive option even for 39% of the drivers first SUV brand. In some markets, such as alpine and Nordic countries, these figures are much higher and cars. All-wheel drive is often dominated by the majority of sales.

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