The 2012 Ford Focus Electric Review

The 2012 Ford Focus Electric will coming to North America and Europe by 2013. The Ford Focus power launch on the end of 2011 and its aim is to provide enough range to cover most of the daily driving habits of Americans. It offers the equivalent miles per gallon better than the Chevrolet Volt, and competitive with other electric vehicles.

Image via News Car Reviews on Flickr

The all-electric drivetrain and transmission with a speed to provide immediate response and smooth acceleration when the driver presses the accelerator, at a maximum speed of 84 mph (136 kph). Ford Focus offers a variety of electrical safety and safety equipment including six airbags and electronic traction control, and SYNC® connectivity for handsfree telephony and MyKey®  in North America. Many parts of the environment, such as seat cushions in foam and recycled materials of biological origin are also mentioned in the vehicle.

The new Ford Focus Electric has a unique feature electric charge value, powered by Microsoft to help homeowners at the expense of the United States from their vehicles at the lowest utility cost of ownership. The tool is designed to help clients avoid unnecessary expenses by providing optimal charging. In future, these habits smart pricing can help businesses better understand and manage the demands of the grid due to electric vehicles.

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