The Best Leather Case for Apple iPad Mini

It’s real leather, real protector, and really affordable. Don’t have to break the bank or sweat. I’m talking about the low-key Folio Shield from Lioncase. I’m going to touch base with this case since you can read my review on our website and watch it our channel. Otherwise, listen close to see if this is your the right protection for you.

The iPad Mini is popular among other tablets that are also small. But, only this case will give you the sleep/wake feature when you close the cover. But wait, there’s more! The case not only lock or wake the iPad Mini. It also folds back to turn into a built-in stand for watching media and typing.

The case by itself or with the iPad Mini is not heavy and don’t add too much bulk. It’s lite and very helpful for fun and working days. Find all about the features and everything on our website and channel. Linked in the description. 

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