The Best Super Bowl Commercials 2012

Super Bowl commercials are awesome. I love watching them almost as much as I love watching the last quarter of the game – and the commercials are usually pretty funny!

I decided that, this year, I wanted to put together my very own list of favorites, because there were some that literally had me laughing out loud. Not the little, nervous chuckle kind of laugh, but the full-blown, guffawing, loud, full-body laugh that all the neighbors can hear.

Those are the best kind of laughs, aren’t they? =)

That being said, there was something that struck me as interesting… there were a LOT of car commercials! Like people in this economy can afford brand new cars, right? Yea, let me just go out and grab that 2013 Lexus.

So, without any further ado, here are my top five 2012 Super Bowl commercials.

5. Man Marries Bacon

So stupid and ridiculous that I had to laugh =). I’m a big fan of Jack in the Box, too, which always helps. But this commercial… my favorite line, “It’s not a girl… it’s bacon!” Just between you and me… I know a handful of people who would really marry their favorite food.

4. Toyota Camry Reinvented

This one is zany and hilarious! I love watching this one. The reinvented DMV, reinvented rain, and reinvented baby are all funny and highly entertaining to watch!

3. Mr. Quiggley (aka Kim Kardashian’s replacement)

I love animals. I love when they do funny things like wear shoes. I love it even more when they smile at the camera! This was an absolutely awesome commercial, very worth watching =).

2. Baby Sling Shot

I was so amused by this one! Granny and baby prevail – take that, snot-nosed big kids! lol

1. Here Weego

By far my favorite Super Bowl commercial of 2012. I love this little dog! Not only is it clever and entertaining… it’s also for a good cause. For every like, Bud Light will donate money to The Animal Rescue Foundation. And just look at that little puppy face… he’s so cute!

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