The Corevette

A very overrated sports car and mixed baggage. It’s somewhat of an engineering disaster: Big on the outside and small on the inside. The car is way too long from the windshield to the headlights. Performance wise, it does have all the bells and whistles: 1.0 g cornering abilities, awesome acceleration and a great top speed. The exterior styling is also unique and not too bad. The interior design is amateur looking (stupid looking dashboard and gauge design and placement) and uses cheap materials. Reliability (with the exception of the past several years) has always been pretty bad -like most GM cars Corvettes, also, break down a lot. There’s not much quality or refinement of the parts, but the engine is stellar, at least. Corvettes are an acquired taste. It is, also, truly an all-American car with true American feel. And though I’m a staunch supporter of the U.S.A., I’ll take a European or even Japanese car -sports car or not- over about any American one any day. Way better design and refinement, much higher quality. At least you do get the ‘bang for the buck’ in the Corvette and it’s a hell of a value.

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