The Fix: One

Dress up a tuniqueta above the knees, the thickness of a cobremantes linen. On the head wear leather helmets to plafagònia with a lock of mane in the middle, just as a tiara. Also contain iron axes.

One of them having prelude, singing all the other shafts, to pace, passing through the ranks of the Greeks, who were in arms, and march at once against the enemy, to the position that seemed to be more good take. It was built before the city they called their metropolis, and which contained the strongest citadel of mossinecs. This citadel was due to the war, because those who were taken by the occupying owners of all mossinecs. The allies of the Greeks claimed that the other does not occupy the right of law, but it remains common, it had taken them to have the advantage.

They are followed by some Greeks, not by order of the general, but for the sake of plunder. The enemies leave quietly moves forward, but when you are near the position, make an exit from the race, put them

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