The Importance of Repairing Your Air Condition

There are three different kinds of air conditioning units i.e. in built wall AC, portable window AC and Central AC. Air conditions are meant to keep your homes cool during summers. These three types of air condition works differently from each other. This is one of the main reasons for which the repairing process for these three types id different.

If you are a resident of Delray Beach means that you face uncomfortable days during the summers and the condition can worsen more when your AC stops working. The first and foremost thing that you must do is to remove the main switch of the AC and then call a professional AC repairer from a reputed company. But before the repair person arrives you must know about some basic tips about the cooling system and AC repairing.

How does the AC Work?

The procedure with which an Air condition works is very easy to understand. The procedure by which the air cools down is basic. The transfer of heat is the main reason behind the cooling down of the air inside a room. The hot air present inside a room is replaced by cool air generated by the AC. The quality of the cool air varies from AC to AC. The difference is caused due to Freon, the refrigerant that is responsible for cooling down the air. If there is a problem with the level of Freon or there is a leakage in the system then the air does not cool down and your air condition needs to be repaired.

The next important part in an air condition is the condenser and the compressor and a meter device. If any kind of damage is caused to these parts it may lead to a malfunction in your air condition. Before calling a professional you must also have some knowledge about how these part functions and this will also help you in saving some money. The compressor generates pressure that helps in turning the refrigerant Freon into vapor. The condenser coils generates heat that help the Freon reach the state of vaporization. The meter controls the level of pressure when the Freon reaches the desired temperature.

When do you need to call a Professional?

 If there is a leakage in the condenser or compressor you will need to get your air condition repaired. But first and foremost you must switch of the air condition so that the coils get defrosted. The Ac repair will ask you to get the coils replaced. The condenser coil needs to be replaced when it is used for a long time. If your AC is making irritable noise then you must check the exterior portion of the unit. If dirt and dry leaves get jammed inside it then it may produce noise. You must remove the plug of the AC for two hours a day to increase its durability and you will also be able to save around 5% energy/month. Thus it is very important to get your AC repaired from a reliable professional.

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