The Italian Job Part 15

Opening up those twin Solexes increases the pace on the long Romanesque route stretching miles ahead as the GTV points west to the sunset. A magical climax to an epic trip. At a steady ton, pulling 5000rpm, GTV is in the groove as we storm to Le Με There’s just the rasp of the twin-cam and w rush around the mirrors and screen. No one t; as we marvel at the light and the car’s capability.Motoring around the LeMansperipherique finally hear the deep roar of racing V8s and ca a glimpse of GT40s practising as we head into camp site. The treat of this amazing race we end is the perfect climax to a rewarding advent which could have ended with the anti-clima: the long grind to Calais and up the M20.By the time we reach home early on Moni morning, the odometer has clocked anot 1700km and we’ve discovered it costs about £’ in flights, fuel, hotels and food to person; deliver a car from Milan to London. Best of we’ve enjoyed a fantastic drive – and I’ve fal totally for the Pino green coupe. Few cars 1 owned have such special memories and I’ll be ν jealous of the lucky soul who wins it.

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