The New Ford Fiesta 2013, be Connected to Your World

With several modern features, you no longer have to park your car to make a phone son with the news of the 2013 fiesta, you can play the songs in your USB drive or stored in the memory card from your mobile, read high voice SMS to your mobile, moving shots son, you will remain short log along your paths.

With Ford1.0 EcoBoost engine, the engine of the year elected in 2012 and also in 2013, you will save your money and also your time to visit whenever stations. An engine that delivers equivalent to that of a 1.6 block while reducing the phenomena related to the vibration power.

Not to mention you can set up your car with several styles and colors, choose the options that will take pleasure with the new short FIESTA 2013 ride in a modern world

English: 3.5 EcoBoost demo, rear. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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