The Nissan Leaf Takes The Prize to Himself to The Car of The Year in The World

They do not stop him prizes raining to the Nissan’s electrical one and after raising with that of Car of the Year in Europe, the Leaf has received the prestigious award of better car of the year in the world, ahead of rivals as hard as the Audi A8 and the BMW Series 5, finalists of a list of 39 participants. For your part the Chevrolet Volt has taken the prize to himself ” Green Car of the Year ” that joins the received one a few weeks ago as ” Car of the Year in the United States “.

According to the juror the reasons to grant this distinction to the Leaf centre that represents a brave bet on the part of Nissan for the creation of a platform thought only to shelter an electrical system and to suppose the door of the electrical vehicles to the production in mass.

 For your part the president of the group Nissan-Renault, Carlos Goshn, has commented the great happiness that supposed for them that the first electrical car of production in chain should have gained so prestigious prize, which recognizes the merits as pioneer of a car who with his limitations, already has begun of unstoppable form his invasion of the markets.

To be selected for this award, the car must be to the sale in at least two continents between January 1 and May 30. For your part the juror is composed by a total of 66 recognized journalists of 24 different countries.

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